How To Build An Event App

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How hard can it be to build an event app?

Well it all depends upon how you are going to do it. There are two options available:

  1. Build From The Ground Up

Either using a developer or doing it yourself, if you know how to code. This option is not for the faint hearted. In many cases, it would be a herculean task to build your own decent event app or conference app, including a usable CMS.

But, depending upon the complexity of what you wanted to achieve, it is possible. My advice on this option would be to only consider doing this if you are going to use the app with 100+ attendees.

  1. Supplier Build

Choosing an event app supplier who has already gone the pain of building their own CMS and other event apps for different customers. For most, this option makes the most sense. The tricky part is choosing the right supplier.

If you choose option 2, the most important thing is to make sure the event app supplier has boots on the ground where you are based. If things go wrong (which can happen) you need to make sure that you can get on the phone and actually talk to someone who can help you.

It’s no good just having some FAQ’s or a tutorial when you need an urgent fix. In an event environment you need a real person to help you if you are stuck. Also, during the build process, if you ever need help picking up the phone is so much easier than having to wait six hours for someone in another continent to wake up.

The next thing would be check out who the event app supplier has worked with before. With so many new providers popping up, and the barrier to entry dropping, it’s very easy for a supplier to promise the earth but in the background everything is held together with sticky tape – so do your research.

I’m a strong believer in pressing the flesh whenever possible. If you can, always request an in-person meeting.

Want more advice on building your own app? Drop me a line at [email protected]

App Talk Host: Pete Hair (CrowdComms Co-Founder)

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