Audience Interaction: Is it Really Achievable?

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Within the events industry, the term ‘ interaction ’ is thrown about a lot. But what does it actually mean? And how is it actually implemented? There are hundreds of excellent tools, including an event app, out there to help you boost interaction at your event. As an event planner, your role is to choose and utilise these technologies in ways that work best for your delegates.

So, What is Interaction?

When planning events, audience interaction is your ultimate goal. If your audience interact with your content, that means they are gaining something which sticks- the experience you’re providing becomes valuable to them.

Interaction means including your audience in a multi-way conversation, therefore allowing them to fully engage with your event content.

In short- interaction means the difference between events with attendees and events with participants.

How Can I Boost Audience Interaction?

Of course, it’s all very well knowing what interaction is, but using event tech to implement it is the real key to success.

Event apps with Q&A and live polling enabled will give the option to ask anonymous questions, which can be very appealing, it is often found that more than 50% choose to be anonymous when given the option. This may be because they are hesitant to put their name to a ‘stupid’ question, therefore the anonymity option can help to boost a conversation that may not have otherwise occurred.

The good old-fashioned option of speaking up in person should always be given to your audience, ideally this would work alongside your event app. Allocate time for topic discussion, not just at the end of a speaker session, but throughout. I know that the best sessions I’ve attended have integrated Q&A into the content, the session becomes a conversation!

When choosing an event app to boost interaction you must be sure to engrain it to the general event experience. In 2017 event tech really is absolutely necessary to the success of your event, but unless you utilize it in a way that’s right for your event you’re wasting your time. In recent years, there has been a shift of expectations in how you should apply and use tech at events, to boost interaction you must innovate the ways in which you use features such as event apps.


In short interaction is achieved when the event becomes a personalised experience for the attendee. It is a deadly sin for a speaker session to be one way!

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