Case Study: How Attendees Use Event Apps

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This is the second part of our case study series featuring Shore Events.  In this instalment, we talk to Managing Director (Chris Lind) about how attendees respond to the event app.

CC: How Do You Help Attendees Use Event Apps at Incentive Events? 

SE: One of the challenges we had at the beginning was the different ages of people that go to events. There was a slight concern from clients whether our older friends would use the event app.

So we made sure that at the launch, or at the announcement of the app, we had someone there who could support attendees in terms of downloading the app or providing advice on how to use it. This made sure that we got the buy-in.

We use the app in two different ways. We use it pre-event so we’ve got a really great communication line, not only from us to our delegates in terms of important information (like how much luggage allowance you have on the event so people don’t over pack!).

But also the other way, so that people can easily communicate with us – in one click they can contact the event planner. Email communications come straight through to us; we can deal with any issue straight away and answer the questions.

The second element is obviously when we get onsite at an event. All the hotels we use have Wi-Fi, so there’s no issue with access cost – whether you’re in Mauritius or Birmingham.

What we do is have our full information. Instead of a printed event booklet everything is now available within the event app. People can access the information wherever they are.

Whether they’re in the pool and they need to know, ‘what time is dinner, well actually it’s 7pm’. To us being able to communicate with them. For example:

Good morning everybody. Hope you had a great dinner. I know we’ve got a couple of sore heads but don’t worry about that because we’ve got a terrific session lined up for you.’

If something changes, whether that’s a dinner-time or a departure time, we can easily make a one-click contact with everybody and say this has now changed. It really allows us to be on call 24 hours a day and have that constant level of communication.

CC: How Do Attendees Take To The App? Did They Enjoy Using It?

I think they do, because it’s clear and it’s really user friendly, even from the first screen. It’s very image driven, simple to use and people really engage with it.

Obviously people use it at different levels. People really get into it and use all the hashtags and all the social media elements etc. But even for the people who don’t interact that much, no one’s missed a flight because they haven’t seen the changes on the event app.

It’s something that’s easy to use, so even people that aren’t that tech savvy have used event apps really well.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Make sure you have additional support for attendees who may lack confidence when it comes to app technology.

  2. Consider your pre-event and event strategy. Both elements will require a unique approach.

  3. Make good use of the direct lines of communication and ensure you respond to attendee queries and questions immediately.

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