AI: A Turning Point For Event Apps?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) was named one of 2017’s hottest trends for events and could add a whole new dimension to your event app. AI is also referred to as ‘deep learning’ and gives event apps the ability to learn from data; using match-making, problem solving and logic. This means that immediate responses are more possible due to behaviour and information being predicted.


Chatbots are easy for attendees to interact with and save you a lot of time whilst providing an impressive service. Chatbot technology learns to answer straightforward questions from gathering data and allows attendees to access basic information quickly.

Chatbots give clear, instant information and can also respond to simple requests with images and maps. Information could get lot in your event app, AI allows delegates to quickly access any answers they need.

It’s important for your chatbot’s ‘voice’ to match yours (or your client’s) brand voice in order for AI to blend seamlessly with your event app. As well as this you may want to use a slightly conversational tone for a more personal touch.

AI learns from data entered into the event app by attendees. Likes and dislikes are recorded and patterns are stored, meaning that chatbots can recommend certain speaker sessions/ to attendees based on their interests.

Arguably the most convenient extension of AI, very quick and straightforward, all your attendees have to do is talk into their phone. Basic information can be provided immediately, similarly to the iPhone’s Siri. This means that your event app could become an extension of your staffing team.

They can operate through your native event app to improve audience engagement. This feature also frees up members of your staffing team.

However, despite its benefits, voice activation may not be as popular with attendees. For example, how many people actually use Siri? It’s a nice novelty but adoption rates are relatively low, attendees generally prefer to type their questions.

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