Does Great Event Tech Still Need Great Support?

Event apps, self-printing badge kiosks, and event live streaming have taken events into a new era of machine generation service. But, what happens when things don’t go according to plan and you really need to talk to an actual human?

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We’re increasingly living in an automated world where we get what we need by interacting with machines. From supermarket checkouts to online banking, we’re using self-operating tech that dispenses with the need for person-to-person service. 

The event industry is no exception of course. Event apps, self-printing badge kiosks, and event live streaming have taken events into a new era of machine generation service. 

But, what happens when things don’t go according to plan and you really need to talk to an actual human?   

Risk Minimising Event Tech 

Let’s start by trying to avoid plan derailment!

Quality Tech

Modern event tech from quality providers has been designed to empower planners and organisers.  CrowdComms’ Mobile Event App, for example, is a sophisticated platform with a simple CMS. It requires very little training to use effectively.  

If users get stuck on any operating issues, we’ve created an intuitive platform that supports easy problem solving.  If that’s not enough, our help guides deliver clear instructions to resolve small issues. Plus, our friendly team are on hand to answer questions in-person when needed (no chat-bots we promise!). 

CrowdComms’ tech solutions are based on delivering performance, reliability, and predictability – which reduces uncertainty and confusion for event organisers and planners.

Tried and tested event tech that’s simple to use will help ensure a smooth experience from event launch to event wrap-up. 

Be Plug-in Aware 

Some event tech providers will augment their offering with 3rd party solutions and plug-ins. 

An event app provider might offer event registration as part of their solution but use a 3rd party’s tech for the registration part.

This is absolutely fine (assuming the user experience is seamless). However, if something goes wrong with the registration element, planners can find themselves having to juggle multiple service providers – one of whom may have little or no idea about the event and what’s happening. 

This can obviously be an anxiety-inducing scenario, especially on event day! 

Where possible, work with providers who offer a streamlined, self-contained service with a single login. It’s so much easier working through issues with one provider who knows what you need and when you need it. 

People Support

So, you’ve made a great event tech choice that will minimise potential problems.  Can you, therefore, trust chatbot support and FAQs if you need some help? 


Let’s rewind to the pre-event planning stage.  

While you can browse a website and pick your off-the-shelf tech, it will make a huge difference if your provider has a support team who can work with you on a plan.

A plan will make sure your tech meets the unique needs of your event.  Let’s say you need fast event access for 1,500 attendees over a 30-minute period, a great service team will help you figure out the number of badge-printing kiosks required. 

It removes guesswork, means you only pay for the tech you really need, and helps you allocate your resources effectively. 

On the Day

We don’t need to tell planners that even the most meticulous event plans can go wrong. There’s a reason why the adage about ‘Plan B’ being ‘Plan A’ all along is an industry favourite! 

Let’s say there’s been a major transport delay. Hundreds of attendees who were due to arrive over two hours are now all going to be streaming through your registration area within 30 minutes. You don’t have enough kiosks to process the volume, and there are likely to be big queues and frustrated attendees.

An onsite support crew from your tech provider will be worth their weight in gold. They can help communicate the situation to attendees, ensure people know exactly where they are going, assist with curly questions (I only just registered, and I don’t have a QR code), and be on standby at the kiosks to make sure badges are processed as fast as possible.

And even if transport is running smoothly and Plan A is in full swing (i.e., the dream!), an onsite support team will make sure everything stays on track by bumping in and bumping out the kiosks, completing technical set-ups and testing, and answering attendees’ questions.

In short, an onsite support team alleviates potential stress and allows you to focus your time and resources where they’re most effective.

What Works and When 

Relying on Ai generated support or FAQs might be OK for non-critical services, but in time pressured event environments in-person support is vital. It’s why so many event planners and organisers make sure that great tech is backed by equally great service.

If you’re not sure what service to expect from different types of event tech, here’s a quick guide around what to ask for when choosing an event tech provider: 

  • Virtual and Hybrid Event Streaming

If you’re streaming your event to an event platform, try and find a provider that can do both. It means the delivery will be seamless, you only have to deal with a single provider, and there’s less risk of a disconnect between the streaming element and the event platform. 

Check that your streaming provider has the necessary expertise AND technology required to deliver a stable, high-quality video and audio feed. Equipment should be leading edge and broadcast standard.  

Your provider should have the flexibility to operate from a studio or an event location of your choice. 

  • Platform

Find a flexible team that can do as little or as much as you need!  You may need a full design, content upload and update management service. Or you might just need someone on hand to help with the odd question.  Find a provider who is happy to deliver what you need, not what suits them.

Pre-event planning is super important for achieving cost efficiencies, attendee satisfaction and all-round event success! The right tech provider will have planning specialists who will work with you during the planning stages to help align tech solutions with your event goals. 

While great quality platforms will offer a seamless, comprehensive solution, sometimes you might want to include something a bit different. Maybe a Zoom presentation or a slick ticketing option. Your provider’s service team should be able to integrate separate solutions without the need for separate log-ins and support options.  

  • Onsite 

An experienced and friendly onsite team are the essential resource that will help keep all those plates you’re spinning up in the air! 

From manning a tech help desk to completing urgent event app updates, a reliable onsite support crew will not only make sure things run smoothly, they’ll anticipate and manage issues before they become a problem.

In Summary

Brilliant event tech from experienced providers will allow organisers and planners to avoid most bumps in the event road. However, if you want total confidence that your event tech will deliver an amazing experience for you, your attendees and sponsors, find a provider that backs their event tech with great service.

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