Are You Getting the Onsite Event Help You Need?

Having expert onsite help can make a huge difference to your event. We’re committed to providing a dedicated, onsite service whenever and wherever you need it.

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A cornerstone of CrowdComms’ client support strategy is our people.

Over the years we’ve continued to invest in a team that’s there for our event clients online, on the phone and onsite.

The onsite element is particularly important. While we could utilise freelance consultants, our primary objective is provide a member of the CrowdComms’ family whenever our clients need support at their event.

Why Use Onsite Support?

Having a technical support crew can make a huge difference to your event. Obviously, any hitches or glitches can be easily remedied if you have experts on the ground.

But there’s also the advantage of outsourcing to relieve pressure on your event team.  If you have tech provider at the event it’s one less job your team needs to worry about.

Onsite support can also be great for attendee interaction.  Whether it’s trouble-shooting, helping people with logging on or just pointing them in the right direction, having people who know the event tech can make the event experience more enjoyable for your guests.

Dedicated Team

We know there’s a lot of talented freelance tech contractors out there, but CrowdComms is committed to providing in-house people for on-site event projects.

The fact is, no one knows our tech like our people.  They know every code, algorithm and feature.  It means we never have to brief our people (and hope they understand) on the platform they’ll be working with at a client event.

For our clients this means they can trust the people we send to help them.  There’s consistency of service delivery and approach, every time.

Familiarity and trust also means we can be relied upon if things get tough.  By their very nature events can be stressful, having CrowdComms as part of your extended event family means you can lean on us to keep things on track during busy periods.

Agile Workforce

To meet the demands of our event clients we make sure we remain agile and flexible. Our Australia onsite team recently covered events in Canberra, Sydney, Perth and the Gold Coast within a short three-week period!

Whether it’s manning our Pronto! kiosks, providing event app support to attendees or helping with Live Polling and Q&A , we can provide the crew you need whenever (and wherever) you need them.

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