A Guide to Effective Event App Marketing

While there’s no disputing the event app’s key role at events, there’s still the small matter of making sure attendees know the event app is available, where to find it, and how to use it.

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We love the event app, and we’re not the only ones! 91% of event planners state that event apps play a crucial role in driving attendee engagement and creating an engaging event experience for attendees.

Event apps keep organisers, attendees, speakers, and sponsors in the loop and on the ball! While there’s no disputing the event app’s key role at events, there’s still the small matter of making sure attendees know the event app is available, where to find it, and how to use it.

Our quick event app marketing guide will make sure your attendees know how to access the event app and get the most from its clever content and features:

Pre-Event Tasters

Let your event app hitch a ride on your pre-event electronic direct mail (EDM), social media platforms, and event websites to showcase its key features and benefits. Use visually appealing graphics, videos, and testimonials from past attendees to highlight the event app’s features. Drop in a few examples of how it will enhance attendees’ event experience, e.g., through personalised agendas or interactive networking.

We encourage giving attendees pre-event access to the event app (even for a few limited features) so attendees can get to know their way around the app before event day. Include some interesting event-related features, such as event promotional videos or session speaker snippets, as an incentive for attendees to download the event app and get started.

Make it Personal

Email marketing is, of course, a powerful tool for connecting with event audiences. Depending on which EDM platform you use, it’s possible to segment attendee lists based on interests, demographics, or registration types – and craft email campaigns that make the communication a little more personal.

Let’s say you’re sending an email to attendees who are super keen on the event networking opportunities. Use the email to highlight specific features or functionalities of the event app that will make their networking experience productive and rewarding. For example, CrowdComms’ event app allows attendees to make one-to-one or group connections based on role, company and industry.

Social Power

Social media has a broader reach than the EDM, but is no less effective. Encourage attendees to follow event-specific hashtags and introduce the event app to attendees via your dedicated social media channels.

Post short guides about how attendees can access the app and its features, along with relevant visuals, such as screenshots of key pages and gifs of dynamic elements like pop-ups and videos.

Action Feature

Like Tom Cruise, event apps are best seen in action!

Provide demos and tutorials to showcase the value and functionality of your event app. This doesn’t need to be a full-scale production for event organisers. High-quality event app providers will have plenty of content you can use in pre-event marketing material. CrowdComms has a range of content available for planners to use, including videos, FAQ pages and demos that cover event app related content from high-level overviews to specific feature guides.   

At the Event

Event app marketing doesn’t need to stop once the venue doors open.  Incorporate in-event promotion so attendees are reminded to get the most from your event by accessing the event app.  Building must-use features into the event app (such as badge-printing QR codes or personalised agendas) will ensure attendees dive straight in.  

Utilise event signage, including electronic screens and banners, to remind attendees to access the event app for key information and updates. If you have an onsite team supporting check-in and badging kiosks, ask them to remind attendees as they arrive to download the app before the event officially starts.

Hear it from Them

As we mentioned at the top of this article, first-hand accounts of attendees’ positive event app experiences are an effective way to spread the word and spark the interest of potential app users.

Add a couple of specific event app related questions in your post-event survey. These might include a mix of open and closed questions, such as:

  1. How did the event app enhance your event experience?
  2. Did you find the event app easy to download and navigate?
  3. What specific features did you enjoy using or deliver the most benefit?
  4. Are event apps a must-have event feature and why?

Incorporate testimonials in your marketing content, communications, and social media posts. Positive reviews from people who have had a great experience with your event app will help boost app take-up rates for your next event.

In Summary

While both attendees and organisers consider the event app to be an important feature of any event, an effective event app marketing campaign will ensure attendees are fully ready to access the event app before and during the event.

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