How The Event App Makes A Sponsor’s Brand Shine

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Want to give your event sponsors branding opportunities that have real impact?  They don’t come much better than the interactive spaces on the event app.  Here’s how you can best promote your sponsor’s brand.

Splash and Home Screens

First up is the splash screen which appears as the event app loads for the first time. Our clients often combine a sponsor’s logo and the event branding in the artwork. Of course you could dedicate the entire space to the sponsor’s brand ad.

Next up is the homescreen. Include your main event app sponsor here as a widget and link the widget through to your sponsor’s website or to their profile inside the event app.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Modules

You will most likely want to include a sponsor module within your event app. Here each sponsor will have a profile and you can organise the module by categories and sub categories to make it easy for attendees to navigate.

Sponsor Profiles

Most clients upload the list of sponsors into the sponsor module and then distribute self edit links so each sponsor can populate their own profile. Sponsor profiles within an event app usually include a description with images and links, contact information, social media, PDFs and videos along with a link to the sponsor’s exhibition stand on the floor plan.

Banner Ads

Banner ads can appear periodically throughout the agenda, speaker, attendee and sponsor modules. A banner ad can also appear in prime position at the top of the event apps main menu. Rotating Banner Adverts allow you to give multiple event app sponsors exposure. And of course you can link the banner ads to pop up ads, a sponsor profile or a sponsor’s website to display on your event app.

Sponsored Push Notifications

Allow your sponsor or multiple sponsors to send push notifications through the event app that will pop up on attendee devices. Notifications can include a customised message, images and links to pages both inside and outside of the event app.

Live Polling Results

Increase engagement during your sessions whilst providing your attendees with extra exposure. Include your sponsor’s branding on all the live results pages which will be displayed to the big screen for attendees to view. This exposure is particularly valuable as it allows your sponsor to gain attention from every attendee, including any that are not using the event app.

Detailed analytics reports are available for you to export via the content management system which will give you a breakdown of the number of attendees who participated in polling.

Event App Analytics

The beauty of sponsor exposure within an event app over a paper hand book is the data. A full breakdown of your event app usage including page views, unique visitors, popular sections and a breakdown of exposure your sponsor received through banner adverts is available in the content management system.

It’s this data that allows you to quantify the exposure your sponsor’s brand received making next year’s pitch a piece of cake.

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