Successful Hybrid Event: Case Study

Hybrid events are more than a way of navigating pandemic restrictions. They’re rapidly shaping the face of future events by creating greater accessibility, attendee reach and engagement choice.

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Hybrid events are more than a way of navigating pandemic restrictions. They’re rapidly shaping the face of future events by creating greater accessibility, attendee reach and engagement choice.

Case Study: Optus, Powered x Live 

In May 2021 telecommunications giant, Optus, held its Powered x Live event in Australia.  The country was experiencing COVID-19 related restrictions and border closures that not only varied from region-to-region but were subject to change at any minute.

Optus needed a solution that would connect and engage 4,000 employees across the country during the two-hour event. There would be five in-person event sites, including Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, plus a virtual broadcast for remote attendees.

Hybrid Event Benefits

CrowdComms’ hybrid event solution had the features and support Optus needed, plus the capability to integrate the live-stream to deliver a seamless experience for remote attendees.

It also gave attendees a choice.  Optus understood that just because some employees could attend one of the live events, it wouldn’t necessarily mean they would want to. Although COVID safe measures were in place at the event venues, the hybrid event solution meant attendees could choose the option they were most comfortable with.

CrowdComms’ hybrid platform also offered flexibility.  With local restrictions changing all the time, Optus could quickly switch from in-person to a virtual live-stream if they needed to.

Making the Connection

Optus wanted to ensure every employee, whether they were on-site or online, had an engaging, meaningful and shared event experience

CrowdComms’ hybrid solution connected both sets of attendees. The platform made the same event content accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they were on-site or online. Every attendee could participate in the same live polling and Q&A sessions. They could also access the same interactive agenda, networking chat channels and activity feed.

The only difference was that in-person attendees viewed speaker presentations at the various live event venue, whereas remote attendees viewed via the live stream.

CrowdComms had technicians on-site at the Sydney event to assist the Optus production teams and ensure a smooth connection between the live stream and the hybrid platform.

Flexible Registration

In addition to the event software, CrowdComms delivered a slick registration solution that included customised elements to meet Optus’ specific needs.

The platform included 8 forms, 7 for in-person attendees and 1 for remote attendees. The 7 in-person forms enabled each participant to receive tailored confirmation notices with specific and relevant information.

CrowdComms also custom-built a landing page that directed each registrant to the right form.



The CrowdComms hybrid event platform included an event survey that was sent to attendees after Powered x Live concluded.

Results showed excellent engagement, with online viewers watching the stream, on average, for over 97% of its running time.


In Summary

Optus utilised CrowdComms’ hybrid platform to successfully run a multi-location event that not only brought together in-person and virtual attendees but delivered a flexibility that enabled Optus to respond to changing restrictions.

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