Eco-Friendly Event Name Badges

Reduce your landfill anxiety with our eco-friendly event name badges.

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Most of us are highly sensitive to the over use of plastic.

CrowdComms’ event organiser partners are no different and it’s why we’re delighted to announce the arrival of plastic-free event name badges.

Our NEW sustainable event name badges are:

Durable, tear-free, recyclable badges

Durable, tear-free, recyclable badges

Made from…

Highly durable, tear-free reinforced and recyclable paper.

Ideal for…

Shorter, 1-2 day events.

Compatible with…

Pronto! self-printing event name badge kiosks.

Easy to…

Print and clip.


The eco-friendly event name badges come with 2 or 3 hole necktie clip options.


To showcase your brand, event theme, sponsor details in superior print.

Mix and Match friendly…

If you need plastic pouches for the event crew, have a designated kiosk for pouch-ready badges.

Available now…

Contact us to secure our plastic-free event name badges for your next event.

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