Buy an Event App Get a FREE Silent Auction App

Yes, that’s right. We’re giving away a silent auction app with every event app bought between now and December 31 2017. Why?

Because we’re passionate about making a positive difference, and so are the people we work with. We’re increasingly seeing a desire for corporate clients to include fundraising at their events. They want to harness the goodwill and generosity of their attendees to help worthy causes and charities.

Just like a large finance client of ours did. Using the our auction app, they ran their first silent auction within a recent three-day event and raised $60k for charity!

CrowdComms + GalaBid

The CrowdComms family includes GalaBid’s fundraising platform. There’s a great synergy between Crowdcomms’ event technology and GalaBid’s fundraising platform.

While they have different functionality, both are app based, mobile compatible and user friendly. The silent auction app sits snugly within the event app, which means it’s easy to access and use at your event.

GalaBid’s fundraising platform raised over $31m for Australian charities in 2016. In a single weekend in February this year, Galabid helped raise $1.7m! It’s guaranteed to help your event make a real difference to your charity or cause of choice.

And, our offer doesn’t stop at a free auction app. You’ll also receive 24 consignment prize items to get your bidders digging deep.

All you need to do is choose your good cause and promote the auction during your usual event marketing promotions.

Silent Auctions

New to silent auctions?

Don’t worry. The platform is as easy to use as our event app.

Guests can bid in real-time from their mobile device. Handy SMS alerts notify bidders when they have been outbid. This makes sure participants can stay in the race for their chosen item.

When the auction is finished, secure online payment means a quick and easy transaction for the bidder.

Want to Know More?

Head to the Galabid website or contact one of our friendly team who will answer all your auction questions.

We can’t wait to help you make your events even better.