New To The Team: Nikki Gittins, Operations Manager

Our people are the heart of our business. Everything we do is thanks to the talented and passionate folk in the CrowdComms team who work tirelessly to deliver awesome event tech solutions to our amazing clients.

CrowdComms is constantly on the look out for outstanding individuals to join the team. Our talent scouts in Australia had their eye on Nikki Gittins for a while. A long-standing Project Manager at Apple, Nikki had an impressive market reputation for diligent and creative project management skills. Coupled with tech smarts, great work ethic and sound leadership, we knew Nikki would be the perfect fit for us.

So, when Nikki was looking for a fresh challenge with a nimble, forward thinking tech organisation, we made it our mission to get her on board as our new Operations Manager.

Let’s meet her!

Hey there Nikki! Welcome to the team: 

Hey there too!I’m Nikki Gittins, originally from the UK (southern part) but have been in Australia for over 18 years now.

What made you move to Australia?

I was very keen to see more of the world and I reached a certain point in my life where it was a good time for me to take a bit of a break. I decided to pack everything up in the UK and get my working VISA in Australia, that was 18 years ago and I never went home!

Tell us about the highlights of your 20 years’ in tech and project management:

Wow 20 years! When you say it like that it sounds like a really long time but it feels like it went by like a flash.

When I left university, I started working in the airline industry which is where I first got involved with IT and project management.

From there I went to work for Dell in Australia. It was a disruptive time because Dell started the off-shore call centres in India. I was sent to India to set up the call centres’ back office systems. I was there for nearly a year, by myself as the first person from Australia Dell to go to India and set up our business there.

After this adventure, I came back to Sydney and needed a change of environment and went to Apple. I started off in their professional services team and set up their project management office. Apple is such a dynamic company and you know that whatever you’re learning now is going to be different within 6 months. I was there for eleven years. I spent a lot of time overseas, including time in Singapore, China and the US.

It was great being part of a global team and I made lots of connections in the US, but after a over decade at Apple I was hungry for a different experience in a smaller organisation.

We’re so glad you chose CrowdComms! What’s your impression so far?

It’s dynamic and growing very quickly!

I’ve joined at a point when the business is expanding fast and the systems need to evolve at the same rate.It’s a case of understanding what the needs are and then building appropriate processes, resources and systems.

It’s fun, it’s young and it’s a good team to be a part of. It’s great to be able to make a difference within the team and optimising processes.

With all the secrecy around Apple, a lot of people weren’t privy to new product details and therefore a lot of things were out of your control. You couldn’t influence these things and just had to accept it, whereas at CrowdComms there is an opportunity to influence everything, work hard and contribute to exciting new services and solutions.

What specific skills will we see you implement at CrowdComms?

There is methodology that I’ve used in previous roles that I will implement, for instance analysing process, managing priorities and resource allocation.

At Apple I learnt to map everything out, so getting clarity how everything works from A to Z.This really helps to address and quickly highlight where things could be breaking down, needs help or where the priorities are.It’s also good to draw on that and to visually show people how the business is operating i.e. if we make this change here, then this will be the result.

What goals will you be kicking at CrowdComms?

I want to help the business continue to grow by ensuring our production team stays effective, efficient and responsive.

This will make sure clients return to us event after event, which is a great story for our sales team to tell when they’re talking to prospective clients.

What are things do you like to do besides work? What makes you happy and gives you positive energy?

I have a 5-year-old daughter, so doing personal stuff is a bit more limited. In my spare time, I do like to go to the gym. I like to go bush walking, hang out with friends, dinners, go camping, drink wine. I want to learn to swim properly this year, to be able to do proper breathing and the crawl. I want to do the Manly to Freshie swim. That’s my goal for the summer.

Finally, tell us something about you we don’t know!

My current home hobby is making Kombucha and while I was doing this it made me interested in chemical processes and brewing things. Beer might be one of my new projects soon!