Need Event Tech Graphic Design? Let Us Help

Event branding boosts brand recognition and reinforces the values of your event and associated organisations.  It supports longer-term marketing/ sales goals and encourages attendee and customer loyalty.

Effective event branding must be clear, consistent and cohesive; from first to last engagement point. Which means it requires high-quality design. 

While most event professionals are experienced at organising general event design (such as event signage) ensuring the branding is replicated across every aspect of an event can prove tricky.

Event Tech Design

cnh design name badge printing kiosk
Global Food Forum design package decal kiosk name badge

Not every event organiser has access to an in-house graphic/multimedia designer.  Even if a design resource is available, they may not have the technical knowledge required to produce designs that will work in non-standard spaces (such as event apps).

We Can Help

Our in-house multimedia design team has worked with hundreds of clients, including Westpac, Vogue and the Global Food Forum, to produce stunning visuals for event apps, onsite registration kiosks and event badges

We understand what works in what space.  Whether it’s a mobile screen or kiosk panel, we know how to create impactful designs. We can also tailor the designs for specific purposes. For example, access badges needed for master-classes or speaker sessions can include special design features.

Easy and Fast

We create slick, high quality design packages to streamline event branding. Our team produce digital visuals, kiosk panel decals and badge designs that meet your exact needs.

Turnaround is usually within 48 hours. All we need is a short brief and any existing event branding details/images. Mock-ups are then made for approval prior to design issue.

Sponsorship Design

Our design package also extends to sponsors.  If your event tech spaces are used to promote event sponsors we can also offer the same design services to your partners.

Meet our Multimedia Designer 


Cleiton Fuhr leads our multimedia design team and has over 10 years’ experience devising innovative and effective designs for clients around the world.  He specialises in creating campaigns for events and event tech. He’s a versatile and creative designer who adapts concepts so they shine in any space, from digital screens to event lanyards. 

Cleiton works directly with clients from design brief to completion, to ensure visuals meet the needs of every individual event.


Want access to high quality event tech designs? Get in touch!

Cleiton Fuhr