How Event Sponsorship Can Pay For Your Event Tech

Sponsors make the event world go round.  Their support is critical to the success of many conferences, festivals and exhibitions.  

A positive event sponsorship/event relationship offers benefits to both parties. 

Smart planners naturally want to give event sponsors the opportunity to promote their brand and generate measurable returns. At the same time event organisers need to secure revenue to support the event itself.


Unique Spaces

Making event sponsorship attractive means offering potential partners the chance to showcase their brand in prominent spaces. 

While event apps, badge-printing kiosks and event name badges are considered to be essential to the attendee experience, they also deliver effective event sponsorship opportunities. 

From in-app banners to event badge branding, event tech has the potential to make lasting connections with every event attendee.

This means event tech sponsorship can deliver the all-important eyeballs brands want. It also means that sponsorship can effectively pay for the event tech and even act as a revenue generator.  

What to Charge?

It can be hard to price niche spaces like badge-printing kiosks.  If you’re looking to maximise the potential of your event tech, we can help provide guidance around appropriate pricing.

We can also connect you with clients who have effectively utilised these spaces for event sponsorship.

Want to know more about selling event tech sponsorship? Get in touch.