The Perfect Event Welcome Starts With Pronto!

Because no two events are the same, we know that our event tech needs to adapt to suit your specific needs.

Our Pronto! badge-printing kiosks are designed to offer you maximum flexibility right from the very start of your event.


Nobody wants to keep attendees in long lines when they could be in the event venue.

A large event with a high number of PAX needs a system that can get attendees into an event venue…fast. 

Pronto! kiosks deliver self-service check-in and badge-printing.  Attendees won’t have to pore over trestle tables laden with name badges. They simply scan their code or enter their details using the Pronto! touchscreen and print their event badge. Easy.

We can help you work out the optimum number of kiosks needed to make sure attendees access your event in moments.

Meet n’ Greet

Pronto! kiosks also work perfectly for smaller events that require a  more personalised service. 

A concierge team can be available at the reception area to greet your guests and attendees whilst printing their badges for them and ensuring a warm welcome

Combining Pronto! kiosks with a dedicated registration desk and concierge team allows you to take full advantage of the kiosks’ superior processing features, but without losing the human connection.


But what about if you have a large event with hundreds of attendees but still need to provide a personalised service to VIPs such as the executive stream and keynote speakers?

A hybrid solution is simple. 

We can allocate designated kiosks for any VIP area. These kiosks can carry different signage to ensure they are easily recognised.  

In the meantime, the main reception and registration areas are manned by Pronto! kiosks which will process the majority of your attendees super fast!

Cleiton Fuhr