Power-Up Your Conference App

Conference apps are often marketed as an efficient, environmentally conscious alternative to paper handouts. However, they do so much more. Conference apps can help you tailor your event to the individual. They empower attendees by giving them the tools they need to take charge of their event experience.

In a world where our phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, technology has never been more personalised. And conference app is no different. Read on to uncover the best ways to give your conference app that personal touch…

  1. Exceed Expectations


As the conference planner, you know your attendees. Or at least, you know what they expect from your event and your brand. Almost every aspect of your event will be tailored to your attendees’ needs, your app should be the same!

A custom conference app will build upon your event’s brand, complementing and enhancing it. A beautifully designed app is also, by its very nature, user-friendly. Your conference app should be intuitive to your attendees, and the content should be completely relevant to them. So be sure to design and promote your conference app with them in mind.

In fact, according to Harris Interactive, 69% of people agree that an app that is difficult to use and looks unattractive will give a negative reflection of the brand. In contrast, a conference app which is simple yet on brand will be deemed by attendees as far more shareable. A well-designed app means more shares across social media, meaning additional free marketing for your event!

2. Less is More


There is a fine line between ensuring that your attendees have access to necessary content and bombarding them with information. It is a well-known fact that an avalanche of content can be counterproductive when it comes to attendee engagement.

That being said, as an event planner you will be no stranger to the seemingly endless agenda. You know the type- breakouts upon breakouts, different rooms and different sites, a panel discussion here and a Q&A over there- and it’s all vital information for your attendees! How do you include this in your conference app without overwhelming your audience? Simple- only show the individual attendee what they need to see. For more information on how to personalise your agenda, click here.

Include session sign up as a part of your registration process, this way you give your attendees autonomy of their own schedule on the day of the event.

3. Remind Them of the Important Stuff

Push notifications are a brilliant tool for communicating with your attendees throughout your event. However, much like your app content, it is easy to get carried away! An influx of notifications that aren’t directly relevant to the individual attendee is a big no no. This may drive them to turn off the conference app notifications altogether!

Streamline your push notification schedule and build them into your conference app before the event. Ensure that the timings coincide with your agenda and keep them short and to the point. Be sure to keep the tone of your notifications friendly, as this will be the primary way you communicate with your attendees during the event.

And, with CrowdComms, you can personalise your push notifications too. Tailor notifications to certain people or groups to add that personal touch.

Want to know more about how you can deliver an outstanding conference app with a personal flair? Click below to get in touch today.