Does Your Event Tech Engage, Connect & Amaze?

When planners and organisers purchase event tech for their events they’re not buying digital platforms or audio-visual equipment.

They’re buying systems that will deliver a great event experience for their attendees and guests.

While technology is evolving at a rapid rate, it’s important that event tech providers make user experience their primary driver for innovation. Whatever they do it has to make the event experience better (not just innovate for the sake of it).

Engage, Connect, Amaze

It’s why CrowdComms constantly circles back to the three key elements every event organiser strives to achieve i.e. to:

  • Engage people

  • Connect people

  • Amaze people

Every event tech solution we provide is designed to deliver against these three objectives.  Housed within our event app, or as stand-alone platforms, here’s how our solutions work:


Engaging attendees with event content is critical to ensure guests get the most from the event agenda.

Interactive Agenda: helps attendees make sure they’re where they want to be when they need to be there.

Interactive Maps and Wayfinder: gets attendees from A to B with ease.

Gamification: dynamic gaming custom fit to meet event objectives.

Push notifications & Social Media: keeps event guests in the loop with trending topics and important updates

Document Library: stores all the event’s must-read documents in one easy to access digital library.


Whether it’s networking, speaker-to-attendee connections or sponsors-to-attendees, we know that bringing people together is a primary aim for most events.

Lead Capture: digital lead capture that allows attendee to sponsor contacts to be transferred in seconds.

Attendee-to-attendee: connects attendees via private messaging, group discussion and activity feeds.

Speaker-to-attendee: live polling and Q&A ensures transfer of ideas and exchange of views.

Sponsor-to-attendee:  broadcast sponsor messages via targeted push-notifications.  Digital meeting manager books appointments between sponsors and attendees.


Amazing event guests is about exceeding their expectations. From the moment they arrive at the event to the moment they leave the venue, giving them an exceptional experience means great word-of-mouth plus attendees and sponsors who’ll return year after year.

Badge-printing Kiosks:  self-printing badge kiosks create a great first impression.

Sponsor/exhibitor ROI:  from event app branding to kiosk decals, multiple branding options deliver an impressive return for sponsors.

Coffee Ordering:  no-wait coffee thanks to in-app ordering!

Attendance Tracking: makes meeting attendance targets easy.

In Summary

Each CrowdComms event tech solution is designed to help event planners and organisers meet their event objectives.  Want to talk to us about how we can help you achieve your event goals? Get in touch here.

Cleiton Fuhr