Event Branding Ideas To Boost Visibility

Every event presents an opportunity to maximise brand visibility. Whether it’s the event itself, industry group or sponsors - brand visibility is a powerful means of connecting attendees to an organisation.

What Does High Visibility Look Like?

Good event branding depends on:

  • Consistency – logos and images should be instantly recognisable no matter where they are seen.

  • Prominence – branding should be showcased in high traffic places where it can be seen

  • Spread – utilising a good mix of digital and physical spaces across the event

Event Branding In Action

Take a look at the following photo showing the welcome area of a recent event.


Note how the event branding is featured on almost every element (even the lighting).  The logos and colour scheme create a professional, streamlined feel and connect attendees with the event from the moment they arrive. Although the branding is prominent it’s not overwhelming.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the branding opportunities this event has used:

Lanyards/Event Name Badges

With attendees looking at name badges throughout an event, lanyards and name badges provide an excellent opportunity to showcase branding.


Not only do the badges reflect the event branding, they also display sponsor logos. The lanyard stand itself features the branding and, as per the example below, you can see that even the lanyard ribbon has been used.



The badges are printed using self-printing kiosks. The large welcome screens have been utilised to display the event branding, plus beautiful images that connect with the event themes.



Decals are versatile ‘stickers’ that are perfect for creating branding opportunities in interesting spaces. The badge-printing kiosks in the reception area have been customised with branded decals.


In Summary

Professional event and sponsor branding is vital for connecting attendees with organisations. Using readily available event branding opportunities will deliver powerful returns for organisers and sponsors alike.

Cleiton Fuhr