Does Your Exhibition Event Tech Deliver?

Exhibitions don’t always need an event app’s comprehensive features.  However, they do still have specific needs and challenges (e.g. maximising attendee experience and ensuring the event runs smoothly) where exhibition event tech can make a big difference.

Self-printing badge and lead capture services provide the perfect exhibition event tech solution. They deliver what an organiser needs without incurring costs for unnecessary add-ons.

Let’s take a look at how these services make a difference:

The challenge: processing exhibitors’ arrival ahead of event opening.

Exhibition bump-in and check-in can be stressful. It’s a time sensitive period where exhibitors need to gain access to the venue and their stand quickly and efficiently.

The solution: self-printing badge kiosks set-up and ready to process exhibitors’ entry.


Kiosks reduce the need for time-consuming manual registration and on-site staff.  Set-up as many kiosks as you need with 1-2 people on hand to help with any trouble-shooting. You can even open the kiosks for exhibitors registration during bump-in.

The fast processing means exhibitors gain access to the venue quickly and without fuss.  Using signage will help exhibitors know where to go and which   kiosks to use.

The challenge: reducing queues and waiting time for attendees entering venue.

Waiting in lines can be frustrating. Long queues not only mean your attendees are not where they should be, but when they eventually enter the exhibition they may be irritated and flustered. It's not the positive mindset needed to get the most from your event.

The solution: designated badge-printing kiosks 

Self-printing kiosks can also be used to process attendee entry.  Multiple kiosks are placed in the welcome area that allow attendees to check-in and print their event badge.

The check-in and print process takes moments, which means less time in lines and more time in the venue.


The opportunity: connecting exhibitors with the right attendee.

A major drawcard for exhibitor participation is the opportunity to obtain quality leads.  This meant collecting business cards then spending time post-event entering data and contacting leads.  It's a laborious process with an uncertain hit-rate.

The solution: meeting manager app and digital lead capture app.


Unlike business cards, digital lead capture provides leads in real-time on-site.  Leads are immediately available for the exhibitors to export directly from the app, no need to wait for the organiser to issue them post event.

The ability to include pre-qualifying questions ensures exhibitors get the right leads for their business.

Offer attendees the chance to schedule one on one meetings with their chosen exhibitors using a Meetings Manager app. No more waiting at the stand, the exhibitor will know when to expect them and have the chance to do their homework in advance.


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Cleiton Fuhr