How To Give Event VIPs A Rock Star Welcome

Every event attendee is special, but sometimes you want to give certain guests extra attention.  Your Executive Stream can include industry leaders, speakers, session hosts and media.  These guests may all warrant a more tailored event experience.

While the need to reflect their status is valid, there are also important logistical reasons for giving them VIP treatment.

Special guests often need to access the venue quickly.  They may need to glean information about the event set-up, specific locations and timing. For example, a high profile keynote speaker may only be on-site for a limited amount of time. They therefore need access to event organisers as soon as they arrive (rather than roaming the floor hoping to find the person they’re looking for).

Here’s how you can roll out the red carpet for your event VIPs:

Designated Area

Set out a clearly marked welcome area for Executive Stream guests, distinct from the general entry and reception desks.  Signage, barrier ropes and specific branding will help show guests where they need to go.

Make sure pre-event communication highlights their Executive Stream status and details entry points and event access.

Stock your VIP area with complimentary canapés and drinks, and decorate with beautiful flowers or artwork.

Designated Kiosks


Designated badge-printing kiosks are a great way to process guests’ event entry. The kiosks can support custom branding, both in kiosk decals and in digital printing.

You may choose to have a range of different coloured lanyards for different VIPs, e.g. blue for session speakers, yellow for media etc.  These lanyards are great for ensuring the right people get access to the right areas, such as executive suite access or press conference room.

Event VIP Concierge

Having someone on hand to welcome guests gives event entry a personal touch.  An event Executive Stream concierge can help input kiosk information, print badges and assemble lanyards.

Give your concierge an iPad linked to the badge-printing kiosk. They can then make any last minute amendments before badges are printed.

For small guest lists you can brief your concierge on each guest to ensure they are welcomed by name.


Want to give your event VIPs a rock star welcome? Contact us to find out how:

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