Event Tech Support: Creating a Seamless Experience

Technology for events changes and develops every year and in 2019 every planner will use a range of platforms to help them refine their attendees’ event experience. It can be a lot to manage before the event, let alone on the day! So, how does your event tech work onsite and what support should you expect from your provider?

Here are some tips and services offered in the CrowdComms suite to create a seamless event experience for your attendees with event tech:


Full Build Event App Package

Our event app Content Management System is highly intuitive- data can be uploaded via spreadsheet and content updates can be made quickly. However, you may not have time in your busy schedule to build your content into the event app yourself. Luckily, your dedicated support agent will be more than happy to manage all of your content for you.

Laisse with your event app support agent to let them know what content you would like to include on your event app, as well as briefing them on the aims of your event. This way, your support specialist will be able to advise and work with you to create an outstanding event app, guaranteed to wow attendees.


Onsite Help Desk and Event App Management

One of the best things about our support team is that they’re not just confined to the office, they’re mobile! So, for larger events, why not set up an event app help desk? A member of the CrowdComms team can come onsite to answer any of your attendees’ questions surrounding the event app. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to spend time on other areas of your event.

We are happy to provide onsite support at your event, and with CrowdComms offices in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong and the USA, your location is never an issue.


Training Your Team

If you choose to manage your event app onsite, your support specialist will ensure that you are fully trained and comfortable with all aspects involved. You will receive training on how to upload content to your app and on how to run live engagement, such as polling, at your event. 

Jasmine Stroud-Allen