Best Event App Strategy To Boost Networking

Smart matchmaking is essential for a successful dating app. When it comes to event networking between industry professionals, the matchmaking principles also apply. A mobile event app is the perfect tool for facilitating and achieving this. An event app will also collect data on how your attendees have interacted and engaged with each other at your event.

Event attendees are keen to meet like-minded people and make fruitful connections at your event. In a world of digital interactions, attendees expect potential connections to be available to them at the touch of a button. It is your responsibility, as the event organiser, to create these opportunities. Read these tips to learn how an event app can improve business matchmaking at your event.

1.     Do Your Research

Offering matchmaking at your event is pointless without collecting the right data. Make sure you ask the right questions on your registration site in order to collect this data. Ask questions which will uncover your event attendees’ interests and expertise, make sure you are collecting specific and relevant information.

Upload this information to your mobile event app or networking technology and send out your invitations. Attendees will then be able to book appointments and update their data prior to the event.

2.     Show Availability 

Make sure your event app has the ability to show your attendee’s networking calendars. Your attendees need to be able to choose their availability via the event app, this will then be displayed to other attendees looking to book meetings.

If attendees can immediately view other’s availability, they will be far more inclined to book meetings prior to the event. They will also be able to arrange quick, last minute meetings on the fly at your event via the event app.

So, remember…

Creating valuable networking opportunities at your event will be highly important to your attendees. A mobile event app can facilitate this and allows attendees to take control of their networking at your event.


Jasmine Stroud-Allen