Why Didn't My Event App Succeed?

"My event was a brilliant success, but my event app adoption rates were not quite what I was hoping for!"

So, why didn't your event app succeed?

Consider whether you chose to use your event app for the right reasons.

Your first step should be to analyse your event. Think about how an event app can assist you and your attendees. A common issue for event planners is that event tech choices can be influenced by trends and fads. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that your event tech strategies succeed.

What Does My Event Require?

Make sure you are not using a particular event app just because your competitor is, your events may be very different.

For example, a large trade show may require way-finding and QR code badging with lead capture. Whereas a small meeting may only require a simple event app with an agenda etc. and perhaps live polling.

What Do My Attendees Require?

Of course, every aspect of your event will be considered with your attendees in mind. You should also consider your audience demographic when it comes to your event app.


Top Tip

When sending us your event branding and logos, please ensure that they are in the highest quality possible. Vector files are also greatly appreciated so that we can create a truly outstanding event app!
— Billy Bacon, Graphic Designer, CrowdComms UK

Most of your attendees will have come across an event app, but you should never assume that they are completely familiar with them. Avoid cluttering your event app with unnecessary gimmicks. Just because features are available, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need them. Make sure that the design of your app is intuitive, keep the home screen clean and minimal.

Which Provider Is Right For Me?

Not all event app providers are the same. Consider whether the platform and the features they offer are actually appropriate for your event.

What level of support does your event app provider offer? Here at CrowdComms we pride ourselves on providing full support before, during, and after your event.

Jasmine Stroud-Allen