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4.3 Step three: Modules, plan your content: Video Tutorial

There are 20 modules to choose from and each module has a different purpose. Some are focused on showcasing content and videos, others are used to deliver events, increase engagement, facilitate networking and capture feedback. 

Each module is intuitive to setup however we recommend joining a training session or watching one of our training videos before proceeding further to ensure you utilise the platform in the most efficient way for your requirements. 

Important: Keep it simple! Whilst there are 20 modules to choose from and you can create unlimited modules, the highest levels of uptake and positive user feedback are often linked to platforms that have limited modules and are focused on what is the most important actions you need users to complete. 

In the ‘Modules’ section, select ‘Create new module’. 

Add module.png

You will see the full list of modules to choose from. Each module serves a different purpose and can be renamed to be relevant to your use case, as well as targeted to be visible to specific groups only. 

Following the same process as the home screen. Choose from the available modules to build the framework for your event. Rename and change the icon to personalise to your requirements. 


Abstracts module: Showcase medical abstracts, catalogue content, job specifications for internal comms.

Activity feed module: Private social media feed locked down to your platform, white boards, photo wall.

Agenda module: Show the event schedule. Features include filters, personalised schedules and session capacities to manage simple to highly complex agendas. 

Company Display module: Showcase sponsors and exhibitors. Often repurposed as help desk or to profile new services or products being promoted within the platform.

Documents module: Share powerpoints and other useful documents with approved groups. Supports pdf, ppt, word, excl and image files for your users to view and download. Link these documents to other areas of the platform such as sessions, people and company profiles. 

Game Display module: Create challenges with points associated to drive platform, event and sponsor engagement. Live leaderboard shows how users are tracking. Include prizes and build a comms plan to get the best uptake.  

iFrame module: Allows you to have your website and other supported sites to load within the platform. Stops users leaving the platform when you link external content.

Info pages module: Legacy module to showcase content. Replaced by the Info pages templates in page builder with improved user experience for admins and platform users.

Live Polls module: Create live polls and link these to sessions to generate real time engagement with your speakers. Users vote on questions and see the results appear in platform or on a branded live display at the venue display(s). 

Live streams module: Legacy module to showcase live streamed content. We recommend creating live streams in the library section and linking to your agenda sessions for the best output and user experience.  

Maps module: Upload Google maps and multiple floor plans with pin drop locations to link from sessions and companies. 

Page Builder module: Powerful feature to build home pages, information pages and image galleries. Can be repurposed for multiple use cases. 

People Display module: Showcase people lists such as speakers, attendees and VIPs. Upload your people to the Libraries section first, and link relevant groups to this module. Create multiple where needed. Networking features including 1-2-1 chat, business card exchange, video calls and request a meeting linked to profiles. 

Portal module: Perfect for clients who organise multiple events. A portal acts a hub for all your events. All approved users download the same app ‘Client A Events’ and have a list of events they’ve been given access to. Controls to set permissions around what events are visible based on who has registered for each event. 

Q&A Display module: Build as many Q&A areas as needed in the libraries section and link them here for quick access when you have Q&A taking place in different sessions. These can also be linked to the session. 

Social Media module: Link Twitter, Facebook, Linked, Youtube and more for easy access to all platform users. 

Surveys module: Build as many surveys as you need. Session specific surveys linked to sessions, abstract surveys linked to abstracts, multi choice quiz’s and event surveys. 

Video Library module: Showcase on on demand content. Create categories to differentiate topics, pre event videos, on demand sessions and more.

Updated on July 4, 2024
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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.

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Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.

Request Pricing and Features Brochure

Whatever your vision for your next virtual, hybrid or in-person event, we can help.