What’s Your Perfect Event Tech Mix?

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Most events benefit from the addition of event tech. From event apps to online registration to audience participation, event planners are increasingly reliant on event tech to support and manage their events. But with so much technology to choose from, how do you know what’s the right event tech mix for your event? What’s essential and what’s a waste of money?

Let’s take a look at some scenarios:

  1. Event Tech Mix n’ Match

Scenario: A large distribution business has an annual conference for around 400 attendees. The attendees will be coming from locations across the country. In addition to the annual conference, the business holds four regional seminars for 100 attendees.

Solution: An event app is an obvious choice here. The app will certainly be necessary for the annual conference. A busy agenda covering a large attendee base needs a comprehensive platform that can manage multiple streams. It also needs to able to support travel and logistics for non-local attendees.

But does the business need to pay for an event app to cover the regional seminars too? Not necessarily. For smaller, shorter meetings an interactive live polling solution may be all that is needed to facilitate discussions.

Conclusion: If you have a varied event schedule during the year, think about what’s right for each event. Mixing and matching your event tech, especially if you can do so using a single supplier, can be easier and cheaper.

2. Simple Solution

Scenario: A government agency wants to hold a public consultation event for new city infrastructure. The event will be held across a number of days and at a variety of locations.

Solution: For consultation events, a mobile Q&A and/or live polling solution is all you may need. The software will support real-time Q&A sessions or audience feedback with immediate access to results.

Conclusion: If you have an event with a specific objective (in this case, sourcing opinion) look for the right event tech. Don’t be persuaded to spend more on features or services you just don’t need.

3. End-to-End

Scenario: An international pharmaceutical organisation is holding its annual conference. Attendees will be travelling from multiple locations across the globe. There is an extensive entertainment and networking schedule. The agenda has numerous streams and includes speaker sessions, Q&A panels, gamification and dedicated social media.

Solution: A busy and comprehensive event will need different types of event tech. Registration, gaming, living polling, private messaging, sponsor branding and post-event data are just some of the functions that can be supported with event tech. While it’s possible to purchase these things separately, an end-to-end solution is often the way to go.

An event app that can incorporate most or all of the required functionality will be cost effective. Not only from the economies of scale, but from the ease of dealing with a single supplier who can provide the support you need: from pre-event marketing to post-event analysis.

Conclusion: For complex events, finding the event tech (and supplier) that can meet your requirements via a single solution can be hugely beneficial in terms of cost and time.

…and finally.

Don’t forget to ask about the availability of on-site support. Your event tech supplier may be able to provide on-site support for your event. This means direct access to a tech expert who can trouble shoot or provide guidance whenever you need it.   It can be an invaluable addition to your event, particularly when using new event tech or for large and complex events.

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