How You Can Plan Sustainable Events

We’ve brought together our top tips for making your next event a sustainable sensation.

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We think the key to a successful event is putting people first – and that means taking the environmental impact of your event into account while planning. We’ve brought together our top tips for making your next event a sustainable sensation. Go paperless!

Even the best-looking leaflets, programmes, brochures and business cards end up in the bin eventually. Use technology to your advantage and aim to rid yourself of printed collateral for good. Whether you start emailing receipts, have online tickets or use smart codes to share information, make your event a litter-free zone.

Drink smart!

Your attendees will appreciate being fed and watered, but that doesn’t mean you have to hand out hundreds of plastic bottles. Why not encourage people to bring their own and provide jugs or refilling stations? If you have wriggle room in the budget you could even provide a limited number of branded reusable bottles – get creative!

Shop local!

If you need caterers or any other service providers, try and reduce your carbon footprint by supporting local businesses. Supporting local ecology and economy? Double win!

Commit to your vision!

Taking care of the planet isn’t just trendy, it’s important, so why not put it at the forefront of your thinking? From marketing materials to choosing service providers, set the bar high for ecological-friendliness. Look out for companies with environmental mission statements.

Consider scale carefully!

Remember Goldilocks: you don’t want too much or too little. This principle can be applied widely when planning an event to avoid waste while still accommodating your guests. Keep things simple and don’t leave yourself out of pocket and overburdened. Minimalism is chic, and better for the planet.

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