How Event Apps Boost Pharmaceutical Conferences

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Pharmaceutical conferences and educational meetings are often packed with important information and speaker sessions. A busy schedule needs a clear structure to keep the event productive and meaningful. By providing event information in the palm of their hand, event apps help delegates make the most of what an event has to offer.

Here’s how an pharmaceutical event app can make a positive difference for delegates:

Personalised Agendas

With multiple streams and topics in one event, a personalised agenda helps pharmaceutical conference delegates get organised. Guests can create their own unique agendas by choosing to ‘favourite’ the sessions they want to attend. A clear and simple format means even the busiest schedule is easy to view.

Real-time push notifications mean event organisers don’t have to worry about last minute changes. Guests have instant access to new information via their mobile device.

Speakers Bios and Interactivity

Speakers are an important conference feature. The pharmaceutical event app has a speaker bio section that shows expertise and topic details. This allows delegates to chose the presentations that interest them the most.

Guests can also pose questions to the speaker. The most pressing or popular questions are voted up by the audience, these questions are then broadcast on live display screens. Speakers can even answer questions in the app after a session has finished.

And if they want to gauge audience opinion, speakers can use live polling to find out delegates’ views on key issues.

Information Display

Piles of paper loaded with information can be overwhelming for delegates. Switching to a mobile app offers guests event information in one quick and searchable format. It also saves money and the environment!

Brochures, presentations and other supporting files can be displayed in the app’s document library to boost speaker sessions. With multiple tabs for different aspects, such as locations and dress codes, general information about the event can be accessed easily.

Helping guests from around the world navigate unfamiliar cities and event sites is easy with interactive maps. Linked directly to sessions and event features, the maps make sure delegates get where they need to be quickly and safely. Event apps really make events shine.

Find out more about the experience from one of our pharmaceutical conference clients here.

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