How Our Multi-Event App Can Detangle Your Event Schedule

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If your event’s calendar is busier than Times Square on NYE, you’ll know that keeping everything on track requires some serious effort. Managing multiple events throughout the year involves varying locations, attendees, themes and budget. It’s no small feat to keep every event on schedule and headache free.

If you need extra help, a multi-event app will give your plans a huge organisational boost.

One App/Multiple Events

Building a bespoke event app for every event can be a time-consuming money burner. A multi-event app can house each event within a single app. Planners simply replicate the template for each event and change the details as required.

Not only does this save time and money, but attendees also benefit from a single download. They can jump from event to event all without leaving the comfort of the original app.

Consistency is Key

A single event app keeps functionality consistent. Attendees don’t have to get to grips with a different platform at every new event.

Event themes may change, but information is accessed and delivered the same way every time. Plus, attendees can access notes, contacts and data across their whole schedule.

Promote the Best Bits

A hallmark of a successful event is happy attendees. If employees’ diaries are packed with events throughout the year, keeping them excited and engaged can be an issue.

The multi-event app’s promotional tools mean planners can target attendees with all the features that interest them. Highlights, key features and speaker sessions can be promoted in advance to get employees raving about forthcoming events.

Staying in Control

With a multi-event app planners take control. Rather than work with an event app developer for each new event, planners populate the event app template when they need to. Not only does this mean a simpler build process, but it also allows planners to work to their own schedule. If they want to create an event app for the company’s Christmas party in July – they can!

Boosting Sponsorship

We know that sponsors love the versatility and prominence of event app branding. A multi-event app gives them even more opportunity to extend their reach.

Sponsors can work with the event schedule to create a promotional campaign that covers lots of events. Whether it’s exclusive sponsorship or one-off ads, each event allows them to deliver the right message to the right audience – all without the hassle of starting from scratch every time.


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