Why a Meetings App Means Smarter Meetings

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Think an event app for a meeting is overkill? Think again. Many people associate event apps with large gatherings, however, event apps are scalable. So whether you’re organising a multi-national conference for 2,000 attendees or a board meeting for 7 people, the event app is always fit for purpose.

Easy to download and simple to navigate, a meetings app is the perfect way to ensure any meeting runs on time and on point.

Here’s why:

1. You’re More Organised

A meetings app can be downloaded onto any mobile device. Like an email linked calendar note, the app will tell you exactly where your invitees need to be, when and why.

Unlike a calendar note, the meetings app will also provide access to maps and travel information.   Important documents (including agenda and supporting material) can be uploaded onto the app.  Which means there’s no need to waste time and money on printed material.

Want to keep invitees updated on changes to agenda items or attendees? No problem. Real-time alert notifications mean everyone has immediate access to important information when they need it (so if you’re stuck in traffic you can let attendees know about the delay right there and then).

2.  You’re More Accessible

A meetings app allows attendees from all over the world to participate in your meeting. Real-time functionality allows attendees to be involved in the discussions as they happen.

3.  You’re More Efficient

It can be hard to keep meetings on time and on track. Discussions can easily get diverted away from the key points. A meetings app will help ensure the conversation stays focused.

Agenda items can be marked off in the app as they’re completed. You can even allocate time to each item. Minutes can be recorded in-app for an accurate account of the discussions and commitments. Attendees can also get access to the minutes in real time.

Want a verifiable summary of people’s opinion on key items? Run a short in-app poll at the end of the meeting.

4.  You’re More Informed

Distributing post-meeting information and action points is easy and quick with a meeting app. Data from meeting polls or Q&As is simple to collate and present in easy to read reports.

Any post meeting questions or queries can be posed via the app for instant access by every attendee. If you need to include additional stakeholders in the meeting notes, that’s easy too. They can also download the meetings app and get access to all the information relating to the meeting.


A meetings app can organise, run and distribute post-meeting information. It’s a simple tool that keeps everything in one place. Plus it makes meeting notes accessible 24/7 via attendees’ mobile device.

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