A Local Event App Provider Keeps Your Event On Track

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A common question we’re asked at CrowdComms is: how much support will I need to set up and use an event app? It’s always a difficult question to answer, as it will depend on many factors that aren’t always apparent at the time. As an example, you may be planning an event for 200 people where the agenda is a single track and the content and engagement tools are all pre-defined.

Then on the day of the event the key sponsor wants to add a polling question or some content to their page.

What happens next?

Well, this is the great thing about an event app – it’s flexible! You can make last minute changes right there and then. The app will then tell everyone who needs to know what’s happened.

But what if you need extra support? What if you’re not sure and just want to pick up the phone to speak to someone. What if you need someone on the ground right now?!

The Event Marketing Institute recently conducted a study that suggested one of the most important event app features was 24/7 Support. We’d go further and suggest that local 24/7 support is really what you need.

A local event app provider will be invaluable in giving you all the support you need to execute the perfect event. For unforeseen changes a local contact, willing to work your hours, is vital.

It’s all about seeking a partner not a supplier. A local event app provider will understand the language you speak, the time frames you’re working to and the cultural differences an event in Dublin will have over one in, say, Darwin.

They can be on hand to scope a venue, take you through the event app platform one-to-one or meet with local sponsors to help explain the branding opportunities an event app gives.

CrowdComms offer a range of support from a complete app build to onsite support, through to advice on self builds. What that support will always have in common is that it we will be there for you on every step of the journey. With offices in key locations around the world, we’ll have someone that understands you and your event priorities on hand when you need them.

Stuart Hadden, CrowdComms – Ireland

Stuart has worked with CrowdComms directors, Felix and Pete, to develop leading edge event technology that has shaped the market. Stuart now leads the CrowdComms’ Ireland team to deliver event app solutions to a broad range of clients. Whether it’s polling and Q&A, silent auctions or gamification, Stuart is always excited to find the right event tech fit for small and large events.

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