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A fresh graduate intake is an exciting time for any business. New talent means creative ideas and boundless enthusiasm. Having worked hard to attract the brightest entrants to the job market, organisations want to make sure a graduate’s first interaction with their business is positive.

Graduates are often introduced to an organisation via an induction program. This program can run over a few days or across a number of months.

However an organisation chooses to structure the graduate program, there is a need to help people navigate their way through those early days in the workforce.

Here are some of the ways a graduate event app can help keep everything on track:


An abundance of speaker sessions, training talks and placement information can scramble the most switched on of brains! Keep things simple for graduates by providing program information in the graduate event app.

Graduates can schedule where they want to be and when. No timetable clashes or missed opportunities. Even last minute changes are easy to manage. Just use the push notification feature to send real-time updates through the event app when you need them.


In a new environment it’s essential that people can talk to their peers and share experiences and information. Graduates can often find themselves in different parts of the business, or even different parts of the world.

Keep them connected via their graduate event app.

The event apps networking feature allows graduates to communicate with each other via one-to-one private messaging. There’s also a Group Discussions area where multiple users can chat together.


A primary aim of any graduate program is to make sure graduates stay! Giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on the program helps keep it relevant and on point.

The graduate event app supports surveys and live polling. Surveys can be issued at any point during the program for immediate feedback. In session Q&As can also help a speaker focus on the most pressing questions raised by the audience during an information session.

Event app live polling is an excellent way to gauge audience response. Maybe you want to find out what this year’s current crop of graduates expect from their first year at work. Or it might be useful to get their views of work/life balance and salary expectations.

Whatever you want to know, live polling allows you to ask the right questions and get a maximum response return.

Vanessa Bishop – CrowdComms, Head of Sales (Australia)

Even after 20 years selling IT solutions Vanessa is a self-confessed “non techie”. She loves is bridging the gap between people like her and technology. Vanessa helps CrowdComms clients build and deliver highly engaging events apps that deliver fantastic results. Outside of the event tech world, you can find Vanessa on a beach somewhere in Sydney.

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