Does Your Event Start On The Right Note?

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The start of your event sets the tone for the whole event. First impressions count. From the moment attendees purchase their ticket, interactions with your event must be efficient, effective and impressive! So what does a great event start look like?

For starters your brand needs to be present and consistent at each contact point, including copy and graphics. Whether your technology is integrated or not, integrated branding will create a seamless visual link for attendees:


Event ticketing needs to be quick and easy. Online purchasing is clearly a must-have. Look to ticketing platforms like EventBrite that have the scale to support events of all sizes.

Whether it’s a small non-profit fundraiser or a large trade conference, your ticketing option must provide secure, credit card payments and a range of ticketing options (e.g. print-at-home, app-wallet and traditional paper tickets via mail).


Event registration can be marked by long queues, cumbersome paper forms and manually generated name-tags. A frustrating and time-consuming registration process will at best, irritate attendees, and at worst create poor word-of-mouth.

Streamlining your ticketing and registration process will save huge amounts of time – which means your attendees can get more from the event itself. Easy data transfer ensures attendees don’t have re-enter information they already submitted during the ticketing process.

Even with separate ticketing and registration systems, you can keep attendees moving with digital registration platforms that deliver online registration forms in a variety of places. Give your attendees flexibility and choice by offering auto login and forms via the event app, web or registration kiosks.

A Warm Welcome

Your registration point should be warm and welcoming. It should be comfortable but not so comfortable that it encourages attendees to linger there!

One of the final processes attendees often have to undertake before they can get started is the allocation of name-tags or id badges. When you’re itching to get stuck into an event, it can be frustrating to wait in line to collect your name-tag (which is one of hundreds sitting on a designated table).

Make your badge printing as fast and easy as your ticketing and registration. Badge printing kiosks allow attendees to scan their info in via a QR code or SMS/email code (think along the lines of airline auto check-in kiosks). Auto print badges that support double-sided printing and event branding look great.

Once attendees have printed their badge they can dive into your event (which obviously lives up to its great start!).

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