Three Event Assumptions You Should Always Make

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Assumptions are often a bad idea. Reaching judgements based on limited information may sometimes be necessary – but assumptions are to be avoided if possible, right? Not always. Some event assumptions can help you make sure your event doesn’t miss a beat.

Here are three event assumptions you should make about your next conference:

1.Every Attendee Is A First Time Visitor

Your conference may be a local event, at a popular venue attended by local delegates. You might think most people will know their way around and you can therefore skip some detail when it comes to event information.

But assuming that each and every attendee is a first time visitor to the venue and the area will ensure your agenda stays on track and that attendees get the most from their event experience.

By approaching your event plan from the perspective of a first time visitor means your maps, local guides and directions will be comprehensive and accurate.   Yes, attendees may have visited the venue before but there might be a brand new set-up configuration. Delegates may be familiar with the local area but might not make regular visits.

Help every attendee find their way around and get the most out of the local area by assuming it’s all totally new to them.

2. Not All Attendees Are Tech Savvy

Of course, it seems like we’re all permanently attached to our mobile devices. It’s reasonable to believe that event attendees and event technology will work together without hassle.

But not all attendees will have a regular working knowledge of apps and other platforms. If people find technology even slightly challenging they are less likely to engage with it.

Assuming that a percentage of attendees will need extra support means you can give help where it’s needed. Whether it’s downloading the event app or navigating the online registration process, make sure guests know where they can get help.

It not only means that your event tech will be utilised, it also ensures every attendee has a positive and productive event experience.

3. The Event Will Be Great…But the Next One Will Be Better

You’re guaranteed to organise a stellar event! But just because your event was a success that doesn’t mean it’s a blueprint for the next five events to come. Always assume that you can improve on or amend even the best events.

What attendees expect or demand changes all the time. From information delivery to catering trends, what was popular in 2017 may be irrelevant and out-dated in 2018. Keep a close eye on event feature predictions, emerging technology and attendee behaviour to make sure your next event is fresh and on point.

Comprehensive post event review and analysis will show what event features worked and what didn’t. Include a feedback survey within your event app to find out your event’s strengths. Did attendees love your innovative seating arrangements? Were the ceviche sliders a hit or miss? How popular were the post session Q&As? Asking attendees what they liked and didn’t like will help you put together an event they 100% love next time around.

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