How Event Apps Turbocharge Event Sponsors’ ROI

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The right sponsors can be the difference between an average and great event. Getting the best sponsors on board can be a challenge, so how do you convince prospective partners that your event is worthy of their investment? Here’s how our mobile event app can give them the ROI they’re looking for:

More Eyeballs

Printed banners are great, but in-app exposure is better. With the interactive event app, sponsor branding connects with attendees round the clock. Splash page logos, wrap-around banner ads and welcome videos are ways the app can make their brand pop. For those businesses that want to be the centre of attention, give them opportunity to sponsor the entire app exclusively. A recent client CrowdComms worked with delivered over 45,500 hits to their event sponsor’s page thanks to event app sponsorship.

A Busy Booth

Get their booth humming with clever in-app features. Push notifications through your event app and promoted posts are a great way to share special deals, site links and product info. Gamification options make sponsor promotion fun. Reward attendees with points for booth visits, speaker sessions and web pages.

Heaps Of Leads

Because your attendees have an in-app profile (including photo), sponsors can quickly find out who they want to connect with. No need to waste time with dead-end conversations with event apps. Direct messaging and social media allows them get in touch with the right people fast.

Heaps Of (Quality) Leads

Once they’ve made those all important connections, give them the tools to qualify their leads. In-app scanners give sponsors easy access to attendee badges information.

Attendees Thoughts

No, not mind reading! But our event app does deliver sophisticated data analysis to give sponsors insight into attendees’ behaviour. Plug sponsors into live polls, surveys and speaker session check-ins for real-time feedback on their event activity. Post event data can include content download stats, product interest and offer take up rates. In-depth analysis means sponsors can work-out where their investment spend is working hardest.

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