6 Ways Event Apps Boost Event Performance

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If you’re looking for ways to boost event performance, it can be tempting to spend big on flashy additions. Hot entertainment acts or marquee name speakers can help. But if you want a versatile tool that will make a positive difference to many of your event features think about using an event app. Nearly half of all events now include an event app. They are becoming the standard attendees expect.

Here are six great ways our corporate and association clients use event apps to boost their event performance:

1. Giving Attendees a Voice

One of the main reasons our clients use event apps is for the speaker engagement features. Speaker presentations often see the audience take a passive role. At best, a small number may get to ask a few questions, but the majority remain silent.

The event app Q&A feature is a great way to give audiences an alternative to speaking into a microphone. Everyone can make a comment or post a question. This gives moderators a sense of burning issues through the ability to vote up comments.

In-app Q&A can also be used to crowd source content from attendees pre-event, for example discussion topics for panels.

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2. Gauging Audience Opinion

When a speaker is delivering an opinion piece or proposing change, the event app live polling feature can seek the audience’s position on the subject before and after the presentation.

Has the presentation changed their opinion? Did it raise any particular concerns or issues? It’s a powerful and effective way to gauge opinion. The immediacy also means a higher engagement and a more accurate result.

3. Driving Attendee Engagement

Want to drive attendee behaviour and maximise engagement? Gamifying your event app is the ideal solution for event planners who want to drive specific event performance outcomes.

The event app can house games to facilitate learning, support sponsors or boost networking. The challenge and reward aspect means attendees have fun while achieving relevant objectives.

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4. Delivering Multi-Media Presentations

Don’t limit your event app to words and images. That was what paper was good for! Thankfully event apps can easily include video.

As an example some speakers add videos of themselves to their speaker profiles as a fun and engaging way to introduce their session to attendees. Just don’t forget to check your venue’s Wi-Fi can handle these additions to your mobile event app.

5. Increasing Sponsorship Revenue

Your event app is the perfect place for sponsors to achieve their event ROI. It also gives planners a valuable new revenue stream

Many of our clients cover the cost of the app and make 50% in addition as sponsorship revenue.

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6. Helping the Environment

Save trees and ban paper brochures. Instead give your sponsors and exhibitors access to their profile to add e-brochures, videos social media content. Use the event app to distribute presentations post event.

Your environmentally friendly message is also an effective addition to your event marketing message.

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