Using Event Apps to Create a Community for Your Association

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Real life events are the best way to create a sense of community amongst association members, but it can be difficult to keep that feeling year-round. An event app doesn’t have to be limited to one or two events, it can be kept open and serve as an exclusive forum for your members. Below are a few ideas to help with this!

Boost Engagement with Games

Games are fun, competitive and great for boosting engagement. They can also be a great way to educate your association members and, because of event apps, this doesn’t have to end when your event does! For example, use gamification in your event app to test your members’ knowledge about your association. Reward points for correct answers to association-based trivia and feature leaders on the event app leader board. At the end of the year you could reward your top three members with big rewards for their year-round engagement.

Create Lasting Relationships with Group Discussion

Networking is the main reason many members join an association and is also one of the main ways to build a strong community. Face-to-face meetings may be one of the most effective ways to build connections, but a mobile event app will help you double down on those encounters by making them last beyond the event.

For example, using a mobile event app, members can chat with fellow attendees throughout the year. Attendees can also start a conversation in group discussions to get other members interested in the same topics. Attendees can choose what contact details they upload and everything and everyone can be found in the mobile event app. Building a tight knit community will never be easier.

Use Q&A to Cater to Your Attendees

Of course, your main concern as an association is your members, you work hard to ensure that your members are happy. This requires gathering constant feedback and asking members how they feel about your programs, events and overall membership.

Something like an association event app that extends year-round will easily help you do this. Setting up a permanent Q&A section and sending out regular surveys is a great way to gather feedback that’s up-to-date. Polls and Q&A via a mobile event app means it is more convenient for members to engage on the go. Your members will love the continuous effort to include their feedback, increasing their loyalty and building a stronger sense of community.

Ditch Emails for Push Notifications

Your members could be receiving up to 100 emails a day, so it’s easy to get lost out there! If your primary way of communicating and engaging with members is email, you’ve got some stiff competition and it can be difficult to stick out from the crowd.

Using a year-round mobile event app, allows you to send push notifications to let members know about important updates or events. This allows you to stand out and reach members immediately through their mobile phones. Also, push notifications typically have a 3x higher click through rate than email. Adding this to your communications strategy means you’re bound to see higher engagement, all thanks to an event app.

Ensure Your Attendees Never Miss a Thing

It’s a no-brainer that real life events are best for building relationships and a sense of community. However, getting members- who could be anywhere in the world- to attend smaller events throughout the year can be difficult.

By putting all your events into one mobile-friendly event app, you and your members will gain some benefits. First, by promoting one event you’re effectively promoting all of your other events at the same time.

Remote attendees are also catered for, they can access the resources within the same app and review the materials at a later time. With a year-round event app, everything is in one central location.

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