Event App UX Update: Fun With GiFs/Auto Agenda Updates

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We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our event app’s UX. Even small changes can make a big difference to attendees’ and planners’ event app UX. It’s why we dedicate time every day to review and analyse what’s working, what we can improve and what we can add. With this is mind we’re going to introduce you to two new features that will improve your event attendees’ event app UX.

Fun With GiFs

GiFs are great! Shareable, small and often highly amusing, GiFs are mini-videos squished into a short space. But they’re not just for funny cats (although, please, enjoy the one below on us).


GiFs can be a great way to share information with your attendees. A short, dynamic GiF can be the perfect way to deliver information. Whether it’s part of a real-time update advising of event changes or a permanent information feature on the event app, GiFs are easy to digest and enhance event engagement.

They are super easy to import into your event app, but if you need help we’re on hand to guide you through the process.

Want to make your own GiFs? This is a good introduction to GiFs with some pointers to resources you can use.

Self-Updating Agendas

It’s a small but significant update: automatic agenda updates.

Until now our event app has required attendees to either refresh the app or log-out and log back in again to view any agenda changes. Following customer feedback, we recognised this was time consuming at best, and at worst could cause attendees to miss out on important updates.

We’ve therefore changed the app’s mechanism so the event app automatically updates to show any changes to their agenda.

Whether it is a last minute change to the speaker line-up, a room switch or session selections made through a third-party system, attendees are now guaranteed to stay in the loop.

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