What’s Your Best Event App Sponsor Strategy?

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re an event planner you’ll know your event content competes with endless distractions on your attendees’ phones. But the good news is if attendees are glued to their phone, and with an event app they’re also glued to a space that gives sponsors maximum exposure to their target audience.

Event apps are very attractive to sponsors. The key question for you is do you opt for a single sponsor or give multiple event app sponsors exposure?

The Case For A Single Event App Sponsor

  1. A single sponsor will get a better ROI than if they share the space with multiple sponsors. Couple that with an event app supplier’s (e.g. CrowdComms) proven track record of a high app adoption rate and you have a very compelling sponsorship proposition.

  1. If you have a single event app sponsor you can give them their own sponsorship category. This helps them to stand out on signage, PowerPoint templates and any other place where you list all the sponsors for your event.

  1. Let’s face it attendees are looking at the event app on a fairly small screen. If you add multiple logos and banners along with your event branding it will be difficult for any one brand to grab attendees’ attention. And the last thing you want is for your event app to look like logo soup!

The Case For Multiple App Sponsors

  1. It can be easier to gain smaller commitments from multiple event app sponsors than a large commitment from a single sponsor.

  1. There are so many spaces within your event app, and in the communications surrounding it, that you can easily create multiple packages or create a menu of options with a price for each. For example, your menu could include a price per sponsored push notifications or price for exclusive branding to be included on the live audience results screen.

  1. Rotating banners in the most prominent positions within the event app give each sponsor equal access to the top spots and gives you the opportunity to sell multiple packages at the highest price.

  1. If you have a large event this may well be the path to maximising your app sponsorship revenue. The revenue multiple sponsors generate collectively could be more than you can gain from a single sponsor.


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