What Event App Content Do I Need?

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Clients often ask us what event app content should they include. Or, put another way, how can my event app enhance the event experience?

There is a lot of information that is very useful to have during the event. And the event app is the perfect place to find it. But how do you know what is essential to attendees and what will give them a great event experience ?

As a start, any self respecting event app will include an agenda linked to a speaker module. Along with maps, event information, sponsor and exhibitor modules and social media feeds.


Every good event app should include the relevant maps. This usually includes a venue location map and a good floor plan showing the event room.

If the event includes an exhibition, an event app floor plan that’s easy to see which exhibitor is where (without referencing a legend) is really useful – particularly on a smart phone sized screen.

An interactive map is even better. When attendees are browsing the exhibitor list on the event app, a single click takes them to their location on the floor plan.

Social Media

If Social Media is important for your event you will want to include it in your event app content. Attendees can easily see what’s in use for the event and quickly access their social media of choice.


Do you distribute the presentations post event? If so, consider adding them to the sessions within your event app.

If there are abstracts associated with the session you will probably need a document library. But don’t forget you can add a range of documents to your event app from PDFs to links to videos to Word or Excel documents.

Event Information

The event information module is often the last on the list and it’s often missing key information. Here is a list of potential inclusions in your event app content:

Welcome message

Information about the organisation holding the event

Registration desk opening times

Car parks close by and cost of parking

Closest train station(s)

Shuttle bus timetable

Cloak room availability and prices

Taxi numbers

Dress code

Wi-Fi network name, password

Emergency numbers


A good tip is to ask yourself what questions people usually ask at the registration desk and include the answers in the Event Information Module.

Preschedule Notifications

Don’t forget to preschedule key reminders. You can also send alerts or notifications on the fly to everyone at the event or selected groups of attendees.

Interactive Event App Tools

Once you have the essentials organised, you can look at how to really enhance attendees’ event experience.

The event app tool kit is where we really make your event shine. Here is a list and some links to other posts to read more about maximising them for your event.

Live Audience Polling

Q&A with a “Vote up” feature

Event Survey

Discussion Boards

Attendee Networking

Event Game

Once you have decided which information and tools you will add to your event app you are ready to select the top four or six to add as widgets to your homepage.

Next stop content upload. Let us do the heavy lifting or DIY. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help you either way.

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