10 Must-Dos To Get Your Event App Store Ready

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1. The Event Name

Confirm the event name is set exactly as you would like it to appear.

2. The Event App Name

Confirm your event app name and ensure that is in inline with your event name.

3. Short Description

This appears in the Google Play (Android) and BlackBerry app stores, and just needs to be a brief description about the event app or the event itself. As an example:

‘The Zoological Society Annual Conference Event App’.

This is limited to a maximum of 50 characters (including spaces).

4. Full Description

This is the description that appears in all the app stores, and should be a full description about the event app or the event itself.

This is limited to a maximum of 2,000 characters.

5. Keywords

You can nominate up to 5 keywords to be used when searching for the app in the app stores.

6. Artwork

These are the list of images that have to be confirmed/finalised before the app is submitted.

These are important because if they need to be changed afterwards, your event app may have to be resubmitted and processed by the stores again.

7. Event App Icon

This is the image that will appear in the app stores and on your attendee’s phone once they have downloaded the app.

8. Loading & Menu Image

This is the image within the menu on the event app’s homescreen.

This image should be 600 x 300 pixels. Also, use a transparent PNG24 for best results!

9. Splash Screen Image

The Splash Screen image appears for a few seconds after the app is opened on both iOS & Android devices.

This image will be resized to a width of 1375px and a height of 2200px. Use a transparent PNG24 for best results!

10. While You Wait

Also don’t forget that while the app is going through the approval process no changes can be made to the app.

But don’t worry, we can set you up with a temporary app that you can add the data into. Once your event app is published we will transfer the data across.

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