5 Ways To Achieve Amazing Event App Adoption

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Making the switch from paper to digital event communication is easy! Event apps save money and are super efficient. But how do you convince attendees to get busy with their event app?

Event app adoption rates can vary depending on the event type, duration, attendee demographic and event marketing.

We’ve analysed hundreds of events with near 100% event app adoption rates. Here are the five things we see that consistently give event app adoption rates a turbocharge:

1. Zero Paper

Yep. Nada, none, zilch!

Paper may give some attendees a bit of comfort but it can be a reason for them not to use the event app. The more information you provide on paper, the less reason attendees have to engage with the app.

Ditch the paper and make everything available through the event app. If you have attendees who may need some support or guidance for the transition, think about on-site support (see below).

2. Shout About It

It sounds obvious, but if people don’t know about the event app they won’t use it.

Marketing the event app is simple. All the necessary details can piggyback on the usual pre-event marketing. Social media, posters and email can all contain the event app details. Think about including a short explanatory video.

Marketing the event app ahead of time not only increases awareness, it can also give attendees an opportunity to access the app. You can encourage attendees to download the app in advance to give them plenty of time to familiarise themselves with its features. Any questions or queries can then be addressed before the event starts.

3. Must-Read Documents

In addition to all the standard event information, event apps can hold a multitude of must-read documentation.

From product brochures to presentation slides, adding key documents to your event app is a sure fire way to encourage event app adoption rates and app usage.

4. Make it Interactive

Event apps are now so much more than information portals. Adding interactive features means the app is a fundamental part of the overall event experience.

Gamification is a great way to get attendees excited about their event app.   Whether you use it to encourage engagement with sponsor brands or to just to add an element of fun to proceedings, event app games are a consistent hit with attendees and event organisers alike.

The app is also perfect for polling and surveys. Include post-session feedback surveys or an in-session Q&A. Not only is it good for adoption rates, it will deliver meaningful analytics too.

5. Hands on Help

On-site support means super fast trouble-shooting and quick query responses.

Having someone available at registration or at a designated help spot to address any event app related issues alleviates concern or confusion about the app.

Talking to someone directly gives attendees confidence and ensures people don’t ignore the event app because they’re too nervous or worried about the technology.

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