Conferences – Why Bother?

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Conferences are expensive, complex to arrange and take people out of the workplace. On top of this, it can be hard to measure the benefits. It’s a reasonable question to ask: why bother?

The reason is pretty simple. Conferences are awesome. Well, the good ones are. Bad conferences are boring, poorly thought out and delegates are left wondering why did wasted a day or two of their lives on this dull experience.

The truth is there are plenty of great conferences and plenty of bad ones out there. Believe it or not, great conferences don’t need to be expensive. You don’t necessary need a fancy stage or confetti cannons and live bands introducing expensive keynote speakers, that’s not what its all about (although these things are great fun!).

Great conferences are made by one thing and one thing only: interesting content.

Building interesting content is a challenge for event organisers. They have to rely on the presenters who, in many cases, are not professional speakers but normal people that have been roped in by their bosses to give a presentation.

What an event organiser can do though is provide tools for the presenters and the audience to make the presentations more interesting for everyone.

By this I mean interaction. This may be a simple Q&A session using handheld microphones. Everyone loves a debate (well most people do if it goes the right way). If you have ever been to an AGM and seen the odd CEO or top-level manager getting a grilling in public from a disgruntled shareholder with a mic then this certainly makes for a good spectator sport!

CrowdComms provide event apps to make conferences more interesting. A simple solution is adding interactive elements to the conference app. Moderated Q&A and polling is a big win for making sessions more engaging.

This technology does not cost the earth. It is probably less then the budget for the event muffins!

If you’re putting on a conference and want to make your conference content interesting then I urge you to use a our software to:

  1. Build an event app and

  1. Make it interactive, especially during the Q&A section.

The main benefit using the conference app over the microphone for Q&A is that not everyone is brave enough to talk into a mic to ask a question but everyone can type a discreet question into the event app.

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Vanessa Bishop – CrowdComms, Head of Sales (Australia)

Even after 20 years selling IT solutions Vanessa is a self-confessed “non techie”. She loves is bridging the gap between people like her and technology. Vanessa helps CrowdComms clients build and deliver highly engaging events apps that deliver fantastic results. Outside of the event tech world, you can find Vanessa on a beach somewhere in Sydney.

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