Boost Your Conference App Reach With Live Display

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Event planning is already a busy job without the planner having to re-enter event data into yet another piece of software.

Thankfully, event app providers are expanding the functionality they offer beyond the traditional event app. Event apps often include other commonly used software, such as registration, website creation and now Live Display.

We recently introduced a new Live Display product to our event app clients. The Live Display pulls data from the event app into a dynamic, well designed and easy to read large screen display.

We’re excited about Live Display as it’s a very useful addition that ticks some important boxes for event planners

1. Integrates With Existing Event Tech

Live Display cleverly pulls the event data from the event app and organises it into sections – all without any manual intervention by the event planner. The agenda section pulls data including ‘what’s on now’ and ‘what’s coming up’.

Event alerts and push notifications flash up on screen as they do on the event app. The social media section displays the latest tweets. There is also a section to display the in-app gaming leader board and another section to showcase sponsor information.

2. Drives Attendee Behaviour

Showcasing event content (from tweets to game leader boards) on a shared screen is a simple way to give attendees the inspiration to participate in the activities the event organiser wants to encourage. Showing the in-app gaming leader board on the Live Display is an easy but effective way to encourage healthy competition and boost audience participation.

3. Improves Audience Engagement

Digital signage provides an additional way to disseminate important alerts and event updates beyond the event app. Having event information in more than one place also helps attendees engage with it and absorb it. Think how most people watch TV these days – they are online on their phones or tablet all at the same time.

4. Adds To The Shared Experience.

A successful event is a combination of many effective, and often simple components. Taking event app content to the large screen is an easy way to bring attendees together. Ultimately it adds to that all-important feeling of a shared experience that events facilitate so well.

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