Introducing: Your Very Own Personal Superhero!

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Battling the forces of Audio Visual? Grappling with tricky registration set-ups? Facing down the threat of a complex polling session? Sometimes you need an event tech hero on hand to save the day!

Alex Heath is our Aussie production guru. He looks like an ordinary tech developer but underneath that unassuming exterior is an uber-nerd who is ready to kick your event tech problems where it hurts (he’s also very good at gently helping nervy technophobes to get rolling with all things digital).

His tale of heroic feats started with designing Wi-Fi networks for hotels and corporate buildings. Naturally, this involved attending a lot of conferences and events. With a thirst for finding out about the latest and greatest tech, there was no better place to get his hands on new gadgets than at an event.

Alex believes events and conferences are one of the fastest growing industries, so it’s the perfect sector for him to flex his super nerd muscles!

Not only is Alex a tech guru, he’s also a thoroughly nice guy. He has that rare gift of knowing his stuff but can explain it in ways normal people (like you and me!) can understand.

If you choose to have Alex at your event you can look forward everything running smoothly. You won’t know how he does it all (super hero secrets), but while on-site he’ll be the go-to-guy for delegates with app queries. He’ll liaise with your AV team to produce awesome polling and Q&A sessions. He’ll swoop in and solve any tech headaches you may have and generally make your day super easy!

Want to hear from the man himself? Tell us about yourself Alex!

“Hi folks. I’m a massive nerd and love gadgets (can’t resist the latest tech!). I love integrating event tech and problem solving tricky challenges. Getting out in the events field and helping people is a great part of what I do.

Seeing technology in action, and supporting people to get the most out of it, is really fulfilling. Most people I meet have a give-it-a-go attitude and are willing to try something different.

There can be a bit of pressure because most events have a time sensitive element – but I always love meeting the challenge.

Ok, we’re obviously huge fans of our super (nerd) hero, but what do our clients have to say?

Alex was amazing – invaluable doesn’t even do it justice! I wanted to hug him he was so awesome!!” Chelsea Spindler, Frontrow Group 

Want Alex to swoop in and help out at your next event? Contact us now via this dedicated call-a-superhero contact page!

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