Self Service Badge Printing Kiosks

Start on the right foot with kiosks that are smart, fast and foolproof

Quick and simple

Give attendees a streamlined start to your event with CrowdComms registration kiosks.

Intuitive touchpoint technology and ultra fast processing mean reduced entry queues, enhanced attendee engagement and comprehensive real-time analytics.

Beautiful to look at and simple to use, CrowdComms kiosks are the perfect way to welcome your event guests.

Foolproof and intuitive

Start your event on the right note with a check-in kiosk that sets the tone. The booths are efficient and customisable, so you know they’ll kick your event off the right way.


Whether it’s sponsor logos or event branding, we can design your custom kiosk artwork.


We’ll train your event team to manage the kiosk software with confidence.


Attendee database details are managed with ease thanks to our prepared software.


Need branded lanyards and pouches?
We can help source the right product for your needs.


We take care of delivery, testing and set-up ahead of attendees’ arrival


Our friendly team are on-site to provide support and guidance to attendees


We’ll help you monitor attendee traffic with real-time updates and reports


We’re there if your team need to ask any questions about the kiosk software.

Sure! As an average each kiosk will print 60 – 70 badges per hour with your attendees scanning QR codes. Other factors which impact this are registration forms on the kiosks, attendees who prefer to use the name search function as opposed to scanning the code. Our friendly team will discuss the event requirements and ensure you have enough kiosks to meet the demand.

Location, access time, traffic flow etc will impact the cost. Because every event is unique we want to make sure our prices reflect your specific requirements. Please contact one of our friendly team for a tailored quote.

It is. However, we know that WiFi can sometimes suffer outage and it’s why we include a mobile back-up solution in case of connection problems.

Not a lot actually! We’ll do most of the hard work for you, but we will need all custom design artwork and a list of your event attendees.

Of course! You’re welcome to supply your own, but if you need us to we can help source lanyards and badge holders.

Badge colour coding is a great way to differentiate your event guests. We can also add images and icons to indicate specific session or activity registration.

Our kiosks come with an iPad that connects live to the kiosks. Any updates can be made in moments via the iPad and a new badge can be printed in seconds.

We fully test each kiosk to make sure it’s primed and functional before every event. It’s unlikely that anything will go wrong, but if the unexpected happens we’ll be onsite to troubleshoot any problems or help attendees if they need a bit of extra support.

This may depend on your overall event design and vision, but we believe our kiosks are a stylish addition that will create a beautiful and welcoming space for your event arrivals all on their own.

CrowdComms has all the event tech you need to take you from event start to event close. Our customisable event app includes all of the event info, program networking, polling, Q&A capabilities. Interactive mapping, session details, post-event analytics, gamification and real-time updates.