Gamify Your Event

Achieve your event objectives while engaging and entertaining your attendees

Encourage Attendee Networking

Get your attendees connected with event app games.  Game players are encouraged to meet fellow attendees through exciting in-event challenges. Let them track their position via the event app and watch the excitement build as the top networkers see their name in lights on a big screen display.

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Enhance Learning

Boost brain cells by giving attendees access to enhanced learning. Content comprehension challenges or quiz answers hidden in PowerPoint presentations keep audiences focused and engaged.

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Drive Behaviour

Create challenges that require punctuality or time management.  Offer bonus points for all attendees who register onsite before the peak times or for those who arrive on time for an early morning session the day after the conference dinner. Encourage attendee participation by having speakers or workshop leaders allocate bonus points to attendees for good questions or comments. 

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Drive Exhibition Traffic

Drive traffic to your sponsors’ and exhibitors’ stands with an Expo Event AppGame. Reward contestants for visiting each or a select number of stands. Vary the points available based on the level of sponsorship and allow exhibitors to include conversation provoking questions or simple grab and go codes.

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