Advanced Designer

Create the bespoke event app of your dreams.

Creative Control

You have taken great effort to create an amazing event, so why not create an amazing event app to enhance it? Unleash your creative flair with Advanced Designer and let your imagination run wild. Or, let us do the work for you. Our designers can create a beautifully bespoke event app to make your event shine.

Highlighting Your Brand

With Advanced Designer, keeping your event app on brand couldn’t be easier. Branding is essential in making your event pop and your event app deserves the same treatment. Captivating animated graphics will attract delegates to your app whilst reinforcing your brand. You will achieve a stunning event app which integrates perfectly with your event.

A Cost-Effective Choice

A fully customised event app used to be an unaffordable luxury for most events, however, thankfully this is a thing of the past. Now a stunning and unique event app is in easy reach of every event planner, thanks to Advanced Designer. 

Design Team

If you’re not a designer, don’t worry. Our creative team have used Advanced Designer to create beautiful apps for a huge range of clients and they would be happy to help you too. Simply supply the design elements and brand details, we’ll take care of the rest.