When to Engage with your Virtual or Hybrid Event Platform Provider

You’ve done heaps of in-depth research, asked for recommendations, and chatted to existing clients. As a result, you’ve found your ideal event tech provider! They’re innovative and engaging, have a great suite of solutions, deliver both off-the-shelf and full-service support, and have a raft of glowing testimonials on independent review sites. You sign them up to deliver your upcoming hybrid event and…now what?

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You’ve done heaps of in-depth research, asked for recommendations, and chatted to existing clients.  

As a result, you’ve found your ideal event tech provider! 

They’re innovative and engaging, have a great suite of solutions, deliver both off-the-shelf and full-service support, and have a raft of glowing testimonials on independent review sites. 

You sign them up to deliver your upcoming hybrid event and….

…now what? 

First Up

Let’s assume you’re brand new to virtual and hybrid events.

When should you expect the opening conversation? Should you approach them, or will they lead the process? What information should you expect to provide?

In General

A great service provider will have all the questions answered before you sign the contract of engagement. They’ll tell you that at the very start that there’ll be a kick-off meeting to find out exactly what you need in terms of both technical solutions and service delivery. 

From there you can expect a detailed project plan that pin-points key milestones, service deliverables and core objectives. 

The project plan will include check-in points, planning meetings, speaker briefings and a training schedule – with frequency, location and delivery (face-to-face or online) tailored to meet your specific needs.

While they should be available at any time to answer your curliest of queries, you shouldn’t need to contact or chase them to get the ball rolling, or to nudge them along the way about agreed milestones and deliverables.

Let’s Get Started

Kick-off meeting is where the ideas and planning happens

The Kick-off meeting is where the early ideas and plans take place

The kick-off meeting is perhaps the most important conversation you’ll have with your event tech provider. This is the point when you’ll agree service expectations, platform deliverables and key outcomes.  All these elements will be formalised in an agreed project plan that will provide a road-map for event planning, launch, delivery and wrap-up. 

The kick-off meeting can cover anything you need it to, but you don’t need to worry about driving the process. Your event tech provider will have a range of key need-to-know items they’ll cover with you, for example:

Event Objectives

What are the key event deliverables and how can the event platform help achieve these? Your provider will have an in-depth knowledge of what works best to meet your event goals – from facilitating effective networking to providing access to technical assets and abstracts.


Are you planning for a hybrid event but with the option to switch to virtual if current restrictions change? Flexibility is key. At the start of the planning phase, your event tech provider will discuss how quickly and efficiently they can make the switch to virtual. This will include a detailed contingency plan that outlines the specific requirements to make it happen. 

Content Mix

If there’s a virtual element to your event, you’ll want a creative and varied content mix to engage your audience. Pre-recorded video, live streaming and on-demand content provide different access points and experiences for delivering panel discussions, polling, sponsor presentations and sessions. Your event tech provider will make sure they have a good understanding of your content mix and how best to deliver it.

Half-Way There

Mid-way through the project plan is a good time to check-in on progress

Half-way through your plan? Check-in on progress with your event tech provider.

You’re on track to deliver your event, and half-way is a great check-in point for your event tech provider to reassure you that they’re also on schedule. You can expect them to update you (without you having to ask them) on key items, such as:

AV/platform Connection

If you have an on-site component to your event, your platform provider will have connected with your on-site AV team to ensure a smooth and seamless live-streaming broadcast. They’ll have agreed between them, their roles and responsibilities, and have a clear schedule mapped out for the event run sheet. 

Briefing Schedule

Speakers and presenters will need support to deliver presentations for both virtual and on-site sessions. Your platform provider will discuss and plan detailed briefing requirements with you at this point. Your provider should be able to complete the briefing schedule and help speakers understand the production process, know how to address both on-site and remote attendees and/or maximise their on-screen presence for remote attendees.

General CMS Support

Whether it’s uploading attendee details into the CMS or creating the event agenda, the half-way point is a good time for your event tech team to make sure you have everything you need.

It’s Nearly Showtime

Rehearsals are an important part of the final prep

Everything is going as planned! The project plan, you worked on with your platform provider at the kick-off meeting, has kept things on time and on track. With the event day nearly here, your provider will be meeting with you to finalise arrangements and logistics, including:


With the briefings now completed, your event tech team will run through final rehearsals with your speakers, accounting for different time zones where applicable.  

Support Processes

It’s important you are comfortable with the on-the-day processes regarding live streaming production, attendee support and trouble-shooting. Your platform provider will be available to you throughout the event and have comprehensive support processes in place for attendees. They’ll run through the detailed support processes with you once again, just before the event starts, to make sure you’re confident of where to go and who to talk to during the event.

Event Buzz

You’ll no doubt be launching your event landing page and pre-event marketing to start creating buzz and excitement before kick-off. Your platform provider will suggest providing early access to the platform so that attendees can familiarise themselves with all the great features and agenda items.

In Summary

From planning to event delivery, a high-quality event tech platform provider will lead the process, work with you to develop a project plan, have an agreed check-in schedule and generally make everything super easy for you.  

If you’re looking for stand-out event software and a team to walk with you every step of the way, get in touch to book a demo and see what we can do for your next event.





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