Display Screens

Our apps look great on any device, whether it’s a screen you can measure in inches or feet. We’ve developed a suite of Live Display options to rev up your display screens and projections during downtime, with flexible and attractive modules that you can choose to suit your event.

We know that no two events are the same, so our Display Screens allows you to pick and choose which functions fit your event, you can even tailor them for specific screens or sessions.



Social Media

Integrate social media via specific hashtags or accounts share live updates about your event from Twitter and more.


Agenda Display

Display your schedule to promote talks and seminars and boost attendance



Offer a variety of ad placements to enrich your sponsorship packages and generate increased revenue.


Activity Feed Integration

Encourage use of the activity feed by including it on a Display Screen - and it updates in real time!

Session Tracking.png

Gamification Integration

Ramp up your engagement by displaying the gamification leaderboard. Not only will this signpost this feature to your guest, but it will really fuel the competition for those who are already getting stuck in.