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Hybrid Agendas

Our client needed a mobile friendly solution for a complex event program. We built multi-filtering agendas linked to the event website. This allowed attendees to plan their event schedule with ease, despite the multiple event options and features.

Postcode Mapping

Such a neat idea! For a permanent event installation we utilised tablet technology so attendees could enter their postcodes. A projector screen showed location hotspots in real time to pinpoint where people were at any given time.

Blog and Chat Zone

A conference blog makes sure attendees are kept up to date with industry and event news and opinion. We’ve built hundreds of custom designed blog platforms designed to deliver information to event guests. Complementing the blog is the chat zone, a space where the blog conversation can keep running.


Touch Screen Project

We created an environment where attendees could interact with an event via multiple access points across the event complex. Building word cloud options into a touch screen program, we made these easy to use portals the ideal place for attendees to communicate their ideas.


Facebook Apps

We stepped outside our event app to create a bidding solution on Facebook. Utilising the platform’s natural features and set-up, we created a pilot project for a bidding solution designed to give maximum access to interested bidders.


Multi-event Auctions

It doesn’t get much more complex than a silent auction held over multiple venues and cities. We made the logistics simple by designing an app solution that operated in real time. No matter where bidders were located they always had access to up to the second auction info.

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